Parasyn wins Australian Business Awards 2021 for Digital Transformation

Parasyn has provided digital solutions to critical infrastructure customers all over Australia for 20+ years. This experience not only of technology implementation, but also how these businesses operate was of great benefit in the Urban Utilities Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) project which has just earnt Parasyn a 2021 Australian Business Award for Digital Transformation. 

Parasyn ABA Digital Transformation Award

City West Water – Plant Energy Costs down

A load shedding control system will continuously monitor the supply from the electricity utility. Monitoring will detect any abnormal conditions on the power supply. On detection of an abnormal condition or demand response from the utility, load shedding will occur.

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Industrial datalakes have special requirements to consider

In May 2018, QUU and Parasyn commenced their journey of liberating QUU’s disparate SCADA and other process information system data into one centralised industrial data lake. Visit our Industrial Automation page here for more information about our Industrial Automation services.

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