About Us

Our Purpose

Trusted Data for Better Systems

Our Passion

Everything we do for customers is based on data. How we deliver projects, how we measure our performance, how we plan and share our progress, how we restate who is doing what and when, how we keep our promises and how we measure the performance of customer systems.

We practice how we deliver to our clients by how we collaborate as a team, each day, each week, each month and how we manage our communications and share knowledge.

Our expertise lies with how we deliver technology to help our clients have confidence in data driven decision making. We help from concept to lifetime support. We aim to always provide systems that people can depend on and systems which highlight the performance of their infrastructure. We want customers to have confidence that their systems are capturing what they need to excel in their domain.

Our Brand Promise

Our Learning, Development and Innovation

As we share our technical knowledge and lift our company wide baseline capability, we are better prepared to consume new knowledge and innovate. As we all grow and develop together, we are better prepared to critically analyse and advise what is best for us and our customers. Our goal is to emphasise the value of useful data and consider what we learn next, in the pursuit of better systems and a better customer experience.

Our Core Values

Parasyn brings together our people, our customers people, our partners and of course technology to deliver solutions, to maintain asset management systems for life and to help restore system integrity when systems breakdown. We cannot operate alone.

We strive to be well planned, to listen to understand, to be tenacious, to follow a systems approach to achieve efficiency and to be reliable and motivated to get the job done. These attributes reflect our core values.



When requirements need to be developed, the requirements are unclear or not detailed enough to support critical design, when the starting point is Proof of Concept (PoC) or an investigation is required to more fully understand a business issue, then the right consultants can provide a path to meet a specific outcome with measurable results.

Some of our consultancy gigs include Operation System Management (OMS) advice and document development, design advice, audits, assessments, and total lifecycle strategic planning. These services may occur pre project, post project or at any time in the lifecycle of plant, assets, or systems.


We believe that to successfully deliver critical systems and enterprises information infrastructure, projects should be created with a high governance framework (for safety & performance with guarantees), a transparent planning and communication framework (ensuring collaboration beyond your own team for best outcome no matter what the circumstances) and outcomes focussed approach (aligning the entire team to meet their promises).

Successful projects may also include early contractor engagement to ensure you get the right advise and commitment from everyone who influences the fate of the project. Project Managers make that happen.

Project Management as a managed practice makes a huge difference. We cannot emphasise that enough. To us it means we are able to comfortably outperform industry benchmarks by double. This is a matter of practicing what we do coupled with commitment to our Brand Promises.

Maintenance & Support

For maintenance and support, you need partners you can trust who have a background in total lifecycle management. Engineers who know your systems, know your operations and understand your priorities can assimilate into your team or be on call when needed.

Our systems for support are highly effective in ensuring that you have the right people solving the problems, you don’t need to chase us up, and you even know what is happening in the background.

From SLA support, project support and managed service agreements we are confident of covering every scenario that provides certainty around total lifecycle management.


Where do you work?

Parasyn work in cities and very remote communities. Particularly for remote communities including islands and the outback, you have to be well prepared, have tested your work thoroughly and developed a robust transition plan to avoid disaster. It pays to have a second person who has crossed checked your planning and work just to be sure you don’t have to come home just to get a screwdriver.

How large is your organisation?

Parasyn’s permanent staff are currently located in various locations in Australia. Most of our projects are Australia based however some projects are overseas. For larger projects, sometimes we have casual staff complement our team and we regularly managed subcontractors. We do all of our project management and design inhouse and this allows us to be responsible for the outcomes and provide the right advice to customers wanting to understand how systems are put together. You can see us on LinkedIn.

Parasyn Reviews

Trying to be something to everyone is a sure way to disappoint. Parasyn’s Brand Promise pin points our unique blend of principles which summarizes what we do. Our Brand Promises are:

  • On Time
  • Planning Transparency
  • Responsive

Though these principles may seem to be idealistic or even cliché, we make significant effort to ensure they remain top of mind. This means, that these principles influence every day decisions. It also significantly effects how we invest including our strategies, performance management and process improvement.

What our Customers think about Parasyn

So how do we score? Because scoring ourselves on a unique blend of principles has little or no relevance to any other organisation, Parasyn uses the universal Net Promoter Score to gauge our overall customer satisfaction. Presently (August 2020) when asked ” how likely are you to recommend Paraysn to a friend or colleague” our customers have cumulatively scored Parasyn at 90 and that is something we are very proud of.

What our Employees think about Parasyn.

Parasyn’s brand promise is to all our customers and that means internal customers as well and is a key part of the internal culture we promote. To rate that culture using an industry recognised rating system use the same NPS question “how like are you to recommend Parasyn to a friend or colleague” and the last time we asked the question (July 2020)  we gave ourselves an overall score of 72. That is an awesome response especially when you realise that people usually find it much harder to recommend themselves rather than another entity.

Continual Improvement

As outlined above, we cannot be something for everyone. If we can improve, we are desperate to learn how. We are serious about our brand promise and like any closed loop control system can only remain stable with a closed loop feedback signal. If you can help us, you could be that feedback signal. Please share your ideas. Thank you for your support. The Parasyn Team.