For over 20 years, Parasyn, an Australian-born engineering expert, has been empowering industries to achieve operational excellence through trusted data and innovative solutions.

Their expertise lies in designing and implementing high-performance Operational Technology (OT) and digital solutions, building a solid foundation for operational intelligence. Since 2000, they have been champions of software-managed systems, proving their reliability and efficiency.

Parasyn’s signature Systems Engineering Management Practice ensures successful outcomes for projects of all sizes and complexities. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

• Engineering services: From design to implementation, they provide expert support throughout the project lifecycle.

• System lifecycle management: They ensure your systems are maintained and optimized for optimal performance.

• Enterprise-class solutions: They deliver robust solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you require consultative guidance or a complete turnkey solution, Parasyn’s team of strategic and technical advisors is here to help you achieve your goals.

Our purpose, passion, and core values attract people, business, and opportunity. No matter what the delivery method used to help customers solve problems and take a new journey, we make promises to ourselves and to our customers.

By measuring our promises every day, we have matured our way of life. Anything less would be shallow and lack the drive to deliver on our Brand Promise.

With a history in adopting and developing new technology, we are constantly learning and sharing that learning with customers.

Our Purpose

We deliver Better Systems by individually providing Professional Services, Solutions, and Support or collectively an Enterprise Managed Service.

Managed Service agreements provide a strong integrated web of activities allowing us to truly improve OT performance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure operational excellence now and into the future. How do we have a team that can do that?

our purpose

Our Passion

Everything we do for customers is based on data. How we deliver projects, how we measure our performance, how we plan and share our progress, how we commit to who is doing what and when, how we keep our promises and how we measure the performance of customer systems.

We practice how we deliver to our clients by how we collaborate as a team, each day, each week, each month and how we manage our communications and share knowledge.

Our expertise lies with how we deliver technology to help our clients have confidence in data driven decision making. We help from concept to lifetime support. We aim to always provide systems that people can depend on and systems which highlight the performance of their infrastructure. We want customers to have confidence that their systems are capturing what they need to excel in their domain.

Our Core Values

Parasyn brings together our people, our customers people, our partners and of course technology to deliver solutions, to maintain asset management systems for life and to help restore system integrity when systems breakdown. We cannot operate alone.

We strive to be well planned, to listen to understand, to be tenacious, to follow a systems approach to achieve efficiency, and to be reliable and motivated to get the job done. These attributes reflect our core values. These core values are essential attributes of our people, and those who seek to join us.

Our Core Values
Parasyn Brand Promise
Our pledge to planning is absolute. It is linked to our core values.


Our pledge to being responsive is monitored every day.


Our pledge to deliver on time is measured daily, weekly and monthly.


Because we understand that time affects our customers significantly, we know the best cost saving we can ever offer anyone, is to deliver ON TIME.


Our Brand Promise is so important to us, that only a conversation would do it justice. Call us.

Independent at your Service

Services & Support

For services and support, you need partners you can trust who have a background in total lifecycle management. Our Engineers who know systems, know operations and understand priorities can assimilate into your team or be on call when needed.

Our support systems ensure we secure the right people to solve the problems, that you never need to chase us up, and that you always know what is happening in the background.

From SLA support, project support and Managed Service Agreements, we are confident of covering every scenario that provides certainty around total lifecycle management.


We believe that to successfully deliver critical systems and enterprise information infrastructure, projects should be created with a high governance framework for safety and performance and insist on a transparent planning and communication framework ensuring collaboration between all parties no matter what the circumstances.

Successfully delivered solutions projects may also include early contractor engagement to ensure the right advice and commitment from everyone who influences the fate of the project. Project Managers make this happen.

Project Management as an orchestrated professional practice makes a huge difference. We cannot emphasise that enough. To us it means we are able to comfortably outperform industry benchmarks by double. This is a matter of practicing what we do coupled with commitment to our Brand Promises.

Enterprise Information Solutions
Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis

Consultancy / Advisory

When requirements need to be developed, the requirements are unclear or not detailed enough to support critical design, when the starting point is Proof of Concept (PoC) or an investigation is required to more fully understand a business issue, then the right consultants can provide a path to meet a specific outcome with measurable results.

Some of our consultancy gigs include Operation System Management (OMS) advice and document development, design advice, audits, assessments, and total lifecycle strategic planning. These services may occur pre project, post project or at any time in the lifecycle of plant, assets, or systems.

Learning, Development and Innovation

As we share our technical knowledge and lift our company wide baseline capability, we are better prepared to consume new knowledge and innovate. We know that is not always possible for our customer/friends who operate assets and maintain plant to refresh their knowledge like we do. Our learning, development, and innovation transfers to our customers when both the teams become cohesive. As we all grow and develop together, we are better prepared to critically analyse and advise what is best for us and our customers. Our goal is to emphasise the value of useful data and consider what we learn next, in the pursuit of better systems and a better customer experience.

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How to join our team

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