Our Core Values

Parasyn brings together our people, our customers people, our partners and of course technology to deliver solutions, to maintain asset management systems for life and to help restore system integrity when systems breakdown. We cannot operate alone.

We strive to be well planned, to listen to understand, to be tenacious, to follow a systems approach to achieve efficiency and to be reliable and motivated to get the job done. These attributes reflect our core values.


Why is partnering so important?

Through repetition and practice, excellent service providers have adopted or developed techniques and approaches to successfully deliver solutions. Success is no accident.

Vendors often provide the bulk of the technology. Certified and trained partners generally bring the domain experience and the rigor required to deliver project delivery excellence. This melting pot of organisations implies different types of relationships.

Paramount to successful business outcomes is an engagement model that secures and binds the entire supply chain. Acting in unison, Parasyn coordinates with selected partners to bring an orchestrated solution. Our partners are international and local.

The right team

It isn’t always about who sits inside your office on any given day. Our technology partners, strategic alliances bring to the table complementary skills that broaden our capability and deepen our resource pool of technology and people. With our carefully selected Partners by our side, our capability to deliver expands geographically and our depth of experience is strengthened. Our chosen vendors also “bolt in” to structured projects in such a way that the best of integration services and product excellence is morphed into a winning solution.

Without listing the traditional Industrial Automation vendors we work with, here are some of our partners who provide specialist products or platforms which Parasyn use to deliver end to end turnkey solutions. These applications include SCADA software, Time series Historians, IoT Platforms, and Predictive Analytics Solutions

World leader in IIoT technologies
World leader in IIoT technologies
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Management Systems

Our quality mission is to provide customer satisfaction in all areas of the business in a manner that improves customer satisfaction. As such we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all staff and contractors and to be environmentally responsible in all that we do. Our accreditations and compliance with software development and testing standards also ensure a better overall outcome.

We are accredited to the internationally recognised Quality Systems Standard ISO9001 and Environmental Systems Standard ISO14001 which ensures we deliver quality systems while considering our impact on the environment in everything we do.  Parasyn is also accredited to the Australian Standard AS-4801 for Work Health Safety management systems which means we carry out our work safely, minimising risk to our employees and everyone involved.

Management Systems - Global-Mark ISO9001-AS4801-ISO14001 - Global mark logos


Our successful client relationship has attracted continuous industry recognition of excellence.

International Awards

Invensys Operations Management – Best Innovative
Technical Solution 2012

Parasyn were awarded “Best Innovative Technical Solution 2012” at the Invensys Asia Pacific Software Business Partner Conference. The award was given for Parasyn’s work for Airservices Australia, for the design and implementation of their National Technical Monitoring System.

Best Innovative Technical Solution 2012 - Invensys Award

Wonderware Open – Parasyn Best SCADA 2005

Wonderware Open Hall of Fame is an exclusive group of winners whose applications were judged to be outstanding examples of Wonderware products by industry experts, trade editors and members of Wonderware Marketing. This is an internationally recognised accomplishment for Parasyn.

Best SCADA 2005 - Wonderware Open Award

Australian Awards

Zenith Awards 2016

Finalist – Water & Wastewater Control
Jemalong Irrigation – Irrigation Management from the Cloud

Zenith Finalist 2008 - Water & Waste Water - East Gippsland Water

Finalist – Automation Innovation
Jemalong Irrigation – Irrigation Management from the Cloud

Zenith Finalist 2008 - Water & Waste Water - East Gippsland Water

Zenith Awards 2010

Winner Oil & Gas
Eastern Star Gas, Narrabri Wellhead SCADA System

The brief was simple “to implement an industry leading end-to-end SCADA system for the Narrabri Gas Field, spanning all elements from the wellheads to the head office”. Ultimately, a significant degree of innovation in Systems Engineering was needed in meeting stringent success factors.

Winner - Oil & Gas - Zenith Awards 2010

Zenith Awards 2009

Winner – Mining, Minerals and Exploration
Anglo Coal, Moranbah North Gas Gathering & Delivery SCADA System

With EPA regulations on emissions and the value of CSG as an asset and also as a tool to assist in offsetting running costs Anglo Coal’s Moranbah North Mine is benefiting from a new system. Implementing a new SCADA system throughout the Moranbah North Mine (MNM) was necessary to monitor and control all aspects of the gas collection and distribution process.

Winner - Mining, Minerals and Exploration - Zenith Awards 2009

Zenith Awards 2009

Highly Commended – Gas & Oil
Origin Energy CSG Talinga Coal Seam Gas Control & Management

Origin Energy’s Talinga Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Field is one of the most recent gas field developments undertaken by Origin Energy CSG; the Talinga Gas gathering system is monitored and controlled by a fully-integrated and tailor-made SCADA solution. A process information solution is also integrated into the 1000+ site SCADA design which also allows for the support of various plant systems such as gas compression and water treatment. Pipelines are also part of the same SCADA system.

Highly Commended - Gas & Oil - Awards

Zenith Awards 2009

Finalist – Water and Waste Water
SunWater, Pipeline SCADA & Control System

Zenith Finalist 2009 - Water & Waste Water - Sunwater

Zenith Awards 2008

Winner – Automotive and Manufacturing
APA – Data Validation and Business Reporting

With the Importance of accuracy in billing the APA Group (formerly of Origin Energy Asset Management) embarked on an ambitious project to automate the gathering of the data from field instrumentation. With the help of PARASYN this ambitious project became an award winning example of a groundbreaking MES application.

Winner - Automotive and Manufacturing - Zenith Awards 2008

Zenith Awards 2008

Highly Commended – Gas & Oil
Origin Energy CSG – Leading SCADA & Information System

Parasyn continuing the longstanding partnership with Origin Energy CSG helped develop the Spring Gully Well Production SCADA and Information System. This project was developed with large scale and system sustainability in mind and was runner up to the project that won the Project of the Year overall.

Highly Commended - Gas & Oil - Origin

Zenith Awards 2008

Finalist – Water and Waste Water
East Gippsland Water, New SCADA & Process Information System

Zenith Finalist 2008 - Water & Waste Water - East Gippsland Water

Zenith Awards 2007

Winner – Water & Waste Water
Gold Coast Water, Wastewater System SCADA Upgrade

Working with GCW for many years Parasyn helped to upgrade the systems that service the 2678kms of pipes and sewers, 550 pumping stations and 4 wastewater treatment plants. PARASYN helped to develop a fully redundant 240000 point single server system making it the largest single server install of its kind.

Winner - Water & Waste Water - Zenith Awards 2007

Zenith Awards 2007

Highly Commended – Gas & Oil
Moonie-Lytton Oil Pipeline Leak Detection and Spill Minimization System

Working in conjunction with Santos Parasyn helped develop the new leak detection solution for the Moonie and Lytton oil pipeline. The system monitors and protects 1100 kilometres of pipeline from Queensland to just near the South Australian boarder.

Highly Commended - Gas & Oil - Moonie

Zenith Awards 2006

Winner – Water & Waste Water
Cairns Water SCADA Upgrade

Cairns Water required an engineered solution to assist in management of operational equipment and tracking of histories in real time. Parasyn were engaged to implement a new SCADA system along with various hardware upgrades as part of the process. With regard to the Projects, the judges noted: “In an environment where many and varied vendors have deployed their systems over time, it is good to see an integrator and a water authority work in conjunction to deliver measurable outcomes. This particular system has several strengths in its design and implementation, namely data transmission, redundancy and data historian. The system has to contend not only with real time data but time series data from the two disparate systems: water and sewerage. This constraint requires reliable transmission of data as well as the careful manipulation of data into the display, trend, alarm and data historian systems. All parties should be congratulated in delivering a well-thought-out system that realises substantial benefits.”

Winner - Water & Waste Water - Zenith Awards 2006


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If a supportive, collaborative and healthy organisation, working with high tech and diverse technologies is attractive to you, we would love to hear from you.  Because we are always looking for top performers who will join our team next, send us your details even if a position is not formally advertised.

If you have recently seen a position advertised and would like to join Parasyn, follow the instructions below.

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