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SCADA and RTU Solutions for Data Acquisition that Includes Systems Services

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are important components for many industrial and manufacturing companies across a variety of industries. However, SCADA and RTU solutions are often large-scale projects that include a variety of equipment and even locations, which turns the implementation of a new system into a large scale IT project. This type of project can be difficult to successfully implement because there are so many different components. The technology solutions and SCADA services provided by Parasyn utilise new technologies and infrastructure while reducing any overly complex actions.  This ensures that the implementation does not encounter any problems, stays on budget, and is completed on time.

Why are SCADA Systems Important?

SCADA and RTU solutions create communication channels that allow various equipment to provide information and data to the home base. This data acquisition can help monitor the status of and control industrial processes.  However, unlike industrial control systems, SCADA systems are larger and often include many sites, which may be remotely located. SCADA services can monitor industrial processes, infrastructure, or facility processes. Whether you want to monitor your HVAC system, water treatment, power generation, or other equipment at any of your locations, you need the best SCADA and RTU solutions, such as that offered by Parasyn.

How to Design SCADA Services

The success or failure of any large scale IT project, such as implementing SCADA devices, depends on the design, plan, and implementation. There are several subsystems you may have in your system, including remote terminal units (RTUs), programmable logic controller (PLCs), telemetry system, data acquisition server, human-machine interface, historian software service, supervisory system, and more. All components need to seamlessly interact with one another, even if there is a large distance between the two. The design team at Parasyn utilises new technologies and infrastructure alongside proven techniques to ensure that you have the best implementation for your needs. They have experience designing this type of project, so they know what works. However, they also have the ability to be flexible and create solutions unique to your situation.

Why Choose Parasyn for your Industrial IT Solutions

Parasyn is an Australian IIoT company which has years of experience connecting companies with the right IT solutions for their needs. They specialise in solutions for industrial and manufacturing businesses, including oil and gas, mining, water, power, and transportation. The consultants do not just design and implement the solutions, they also plug into your existing IT department to fill in any gaps you may have. By working with your onsite people, they create an open dialogue that further ensures a successful implementation. The technology they use is open sourced, which means they never have to worry about propriety solutions falling short but instead focus on your exact needs for achieving your business goals. Parasyn also provides you with lifetime support on their high quality IT solutions that are appropriate and sustainable. They will never suggest implementing equipment just for the sake of it. Parasyn is more than a mere contractor as they provide a total solutions design as well as construction, and provide support for the life of the product.