Professional Services

With growing pressures to make sure the job gets “done right the first time”, it is important to have the right partners to get results. Technology partners and consultants should offer the security of a professional organisation with broad industry experience and a deep fundamental understanding of the disciplines required for the job at hand. Finding the right organisation can be time consuming and you may not even find a company that has the applied knowledge you require. Ultimately your partner needs to be there for the long haul, a company that is strong in decision theory, shares in the responsibility of outcomes and is accountable for the solutions.

David: Parasyn listened to our problems, were attentive to our needs; we felt Parasyn were the right size for our organisation and intended to work with us in a collaborative way.

Our professional services may form part of our project offering, or stand alone, complementing your own organisations project team. Parasyn delivers turnkey projects or provides professional services including consultancy. 

Experience is Invaluable

With a background in design and implementation, Parasyn have a delivery perspective on the end results and on achieving practical outcomes. We can make statements of fact by drawing on our experience in identifying and effectively managing development and execution risks. This starts from project conception.

Not everything can be anticipated; however most of the implementation pitfalls can be avoided if like experience is leveraged earlier in the project life cycle and if possible, in the conceptual design stage. We have found that sometimes the original requirements need to be adjusted when stakeholders become fully involved at the design and concept validation stage of the project lifecycle. If there are significant gaps in overall understanding, we sometimes recommend a reset by moving back to the feasibility stages for the relevant areas of uncertainty. 

Independent, at your Service

Our broad perspective empowers us to challenge the norm and offer innovative designs including your preferred suppliers. We offer independent advice developed from working on many different platforms and technologies.

Nancy: “….very happy with Parasyn’s work, our staff are asking the right questions”.


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Define what is important, prioritising what will make a difference and working out the “go forward” plan.

This may include, research, workshops, stakeholder engagement, auditing, product assessment, conceptual design, documentation development, developing sound recommendations, developing design specifications and developing details requirements.

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System Audits & Performance Evaluation

Assess and document software, hardware, electrical systems and design. Measure and analyse performance.

This may be part of our Managed Services framework, form part of a formal project deliverable or an important FEED activity for consultancy. Subject Matter Experts are selected to review audit results and to develop actionable activities which are explained in terms of business and operational outcomes.

Requirements Development Icon - Pen and Board

Requirements Development

Ask, listen, refer to standards and categorise functional design elements into a living document.

This is a rudimentary engineering activity which precedes design activities. The identified requirements are further referenced in test procedures to ensure all functional requirements are Inspected, Demonstrated or Tested prior to a system being transitioned, activated and then accepted for operational use

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Technology Selection

Assess technology for suitability. “Proof Of Concept” test to reduce risk.

The assessment of technology may require rigorous testing if the product is intended to be used close to its operational envelope or a new feature is being deployed. Our area of focus includes; dedicated control devices, IOT devices, instrumentation, advanced software applications, middleware software applications, data warehouses and client applications used for Industrial Automation, Enterprise Information Systems or Operational Intelligence. Technology Selection (or validation) is usually a very specialised task confined to senior developers or design engineers.