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IIoT, Industrial Automation & SCADA Solutions

Parasyn is an industrial technology company which has been delivering turnkey projects, providing professional services and breakdown support since 2000. We provide Industrial Automation Systems for people who need clean and timely Asset data.

Our domain includes IIoT, reliability platforms, advanced production applications and analytical tools, business to operations connectivity, control systems, SCADA, enterprise information systems, I&E field services, equipment fabrication and software development.

Who We Are


Designing systems with the entire enterprise in mind ensures that the solution has interoperability with other business applications. Our aim is to “land” the right data in the right place, on time and with the right context.



ICT infrastructure and Tools can be in the cloud, on-premise or blended; designed to host information and raw asset data based on your requirements. Optimised management of Industrial Automation Systems means tight integration with the enterprise business infrastructure. Parasyn presents the platform to bridge the control system to the business.


Why is partnering so important?

Through repetition and practice, excellent service providers have adopted or developed techniques and approaches to successfully deliver solutions. Success is no accident.



Our successful client relationship has attracted continuous industry recognition of excellence. And it is not traditional software applications like SCADA Software and Time Series Historians that attract the attention, but improved operational performance or overcoming unique business challenges.



How to Successfully Implement SCADA Solutions

Execute a Successful Implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Solution including Process Control Services



Optimize Asset Performance

Predict asset failure, understand constraints,improved workflow for support staff


Reduce Operational Cost

Better SCADA information and standardised operational practice


Reduce Maintenance Cost

Implement maintenance strategies to improve asset performance


Upgrade Safety

Transition new technology and infrastructure


Increase Performance

Improve asset and resource performance and increase asset production (reduce downtime)


Reduce Human Errors

Reduce manual data entry, improve decision support and eliminate unnecessary risks


Service Continuity

Fix broken systems to restore customer confidence and production promises


High Availability

Reduce system downtime by having stable enterprise platforms


Reduce Engineering Cost

Work with trusted partners to compliment your own workforce


Need help understanding how our products and services can help your organisation? We are ready to help out in any way we can. Simply connect with us using one of the methods below.

The Vitality of IIoT Solutions

Dramatically transform your processes for better efficiency.  Installing IIoT solutions will allow you to acquire and have access to huge quantities of information and at lightning speed. IIoT means the Industrial Internet of Things. This is a system of communication and monitoring using computers and other electronic devices and objects for your unique processes and you. You’ll be able to get all kinds of information that can tell you about your processes and can detect or predict problems that can occur in your specific system. The information gathered can be loaded onto a core database storage system that you and other qualified staff have access to.  Not only does IIoT have excellent application for industrial or manufacturing processes, it can also be applied to anything that requires automation.


IIoT systems result in great benefits for any industrial companies requiring automation. It’s quick and allows for greater access to volumes of pertinent information. If you want maximum productivity with very little waste in energy or resources, IIoT solutions are the way to go. Most forward-thinking companies in relevant industries like the medical, manufacturing, security, and space industries seek these IIoT clever solutions to have important data at their fingertips fast.


Parasyn knows that having efficient processes means a significant reduction in running, maintenance, or repair costs. The system will inform of the best times for maintenance, areas of risk, and ways to maximize efficiency. This data not only can be accessed by the people working at the site but can also be accessed by other relevant staff anywhere and anytime they’re connected to the database. This way, anyone who makes important decisions for the company has full access to past information, real-time information, predictive information. This will let them know where they need to make changes or if their systems are running smoothly. Decisions can be made right away for the benefit of the company based on the accurate information gathered.


Data security is of paramount importance to Parasyn. That is why they use and apply the best programs for the protection of your valuable data and the IIoT applied to your system. IIoT is the best present and future option for gathering relevant data and monitoring of systems. If you want to see a marked improvement in your industrial enterprises, have Parasyn install a safe and reliable IIoT system for you.


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
SCADA came to be due to the need for a universal remote access to different control systems in all types of industries. This helps unite processes and enables people to control their systems even though they’re far from different job sites. For example, not all manufacturers have their locations in the same area so having SCADA systems in place enables them to control all sites from one place. They don’t have to be at the site to be able to control different processes that need adjustment. The SCADA system monitors the running of processes and lets operators know if adjustments need to be made. There are many areas that can benefit from the application of SCADA systems including industrial, infrastructure, and facility processes. If your company falls under those categories, Parasyn can help you set up the perfect SCADA system for your processes.

Equipment Fabrication
Get quality and custom automation equipment created for all your special systems and process needs. If you want to surpass your competitors in productivity and profitability, let Parasyn build you equipment tailored to enhance your processes and improve efficiency. This valuable and innovative equipment can be custom built to handle streamlined or complicated processes in any industry. Data acquisition, relay, and storage from the equipment will be developed to suit your needs and made simple to operate for you. You’ll be given smart and reliable hardware programmed impeccably to work with your processes.

Software Development
Your industry processes are unique to you and gives you the edge over your competitors. It’s time that you have software unique to you as well. Parasyn can design secure software that works best with your custom-built equipment and your monitoring and control systems.

I&E Field Services
Maintain your valuable equipment and keep systems running smoothly. Parasyn can help make sure performance is optimal at all your system sites. They will closely examine your present needs and discuss your challenges and goals. After thorough inspection and study, the experts at Parasyn can begin finding and realizing solutions that best fits your situation so you can continue processes with minimal interruption and your systems can run better than ever.
Parasyn has a variety of great products and software that can turn your system process dreams into reality. They can even fabricate equipment and software tailored to your needs if there is no product out there available that suits the scale or design that you need. It’s important that you have the best systems in place for sleek design, simple installation, prolongation of equipment life, safety of staff, safety of equipment, reliability, and efficiency.
Parasyn’s engineering professionals will go on site to closely examine surroundings and conditions to have a better idea of how your processes work and will develop your solution plans after extensive consultation of your needs.  They will be there for the entire installation of equipment process and will do all the necessary tests to ensure all systems are working correctly, safely, efficiently, and optimally. Staff that works closely with the equipment should be educated fully about the systems, how they run, and how the equipment should be used. They should be kept abreast of any changes so they know how to use the systems and equipment properly and safely.
Once the installed systems are running, you’ll have unlimited access to real-time data and will be able to interpret them as a basis for decision making with regards to your processes. You can then manipulate the controls to maximize your productivity, have better efficiency, and maintain safety standards. Risks detected will be made known to operators who are manning the systems. You’ll notice many beneficial changes in cost reduction and in optimal equipment performance afterwards. You won’t regret the installation of the best in automation equipment from the innovative and smart engineering solutions company Parasyn. They’ll be there for support whenever you need it and can help you with transitioning smoothly from old infrastructure to modern.


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Parasyn listened to our problems, were attentive to our needs; we felt Parasyn were the right size for our organisation and intended to work with us in a collaborative way.


Parasyn had previously performed works at specific sites. This work was considered of a high quality with excellent documentation and effective ownership/accountability. It therefore made sense to continue utilising these services instead of re-inventing the wheel so to speak.


I have always been confident that advice from PARASYN, particularly David Greally and Tony Poole, is honest and straightforward. I have never felt that my company was being taken advantage of in any way.


Parasyn projects are delivered well due to a strict adherence to their own internal standards which ensure long term support is facilitated and ensuring clients needs are documented and agreed prior to the delivery phase.


I would recommend Parasyn on the basis that in the area of telemetry systems, the staff have a high level of knowledge and experience and the project was delivered in a professional manner.


Flexibility, being able to adjust schedule and plans to meet changing needs. System changes have been programmed to best meet the needs of operations and engineering. Our organisation has benefited from PARASYN’s detailed product knowledge, assistance in fault finding and their Professional project approach.

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