IIoT, Industrial Automation, SCADA Solutions, Digital Transformation, and Process Optimisation

About Us

Parasyn is an Australian born Technology & Engineering Services business that designs and implements high performance OT solutions. Parasyn help industry create trusted data as a digital foundation to commence and mature operational intelligence.


Since commencing in 2000, the team has been proving to the industry that it is possible to have software managed systems that operate without compromise. With a resourceful, purposeful and tenacious team of professionals who value planning and effective engagement, Parasyn gives operational certainty for the most challenging industries. This is their promise to the world.


As the company has matured, its Systems Engineering Management Practice has become its hallmark approach for managing all outcomes, small to large, simple and complex.


Parasyn provides a range of engineering services, system lifecycle management support and enterprise class solutions for the asset performance management and advanced process control domains.


Parasyn provides both Strategic and Technical Advisory consulting services.

Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis

Trusted Data

Creating trusted data is at the core of Parasyn’s purpose and passion. Trusted data creates certainty for data consumers and builds confidence for decision makers.


We have been doing loT, Big Data and Predictive Analytics for over a decade. For those new to Digital Transformation concepts, you may ask how much new technology do I need, where does it live (on premise or the cloud) and how does this affect the technology and project risk profile?

Digital Transformation
Interprise Information Solutions

Technical Consulting
& Strategic Advice

Advisory services may include research, workshops, stakeholder engagement, auditing, product assessment, conceptual design, documentation, artefact development, roadmap development, developing design specifications, developing details requirements, and strategic advice.

Engineering Services
& Lifecycle Management

Professional Services embraces sound engineering management practices that consider the end game, the maintainability, the management of artefacts, the upgrade and uplift paths as technolgies mature, and the safety of the people and the assets.

Information System Infrastructure
Independent at your Service

Turnkey Projects

Robust industrial automation control systems, boutique OT applications, new analytical technologies, and integrated data systems delivered using predictable systems engineering approach. Systems Engineering creates certainty for quality and timing particularly when there is innovation risk.


Our successful client relationships has attracted continuous industry recognition of excellence. And it is not traditional software applications like SCADA Software and Time Series Historians that attract the attention, but improved operational performance or overcoming unique business challenges using better process, advanced applications, and visualisation.

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