Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis

Trusted Data

Trusted data is the core of high-performance Operational Technology (OT) Information and Control Systems. Trusted data is core to any Digital business system. It is essential for analysts, operators, engineers, and planners to trust they are in complete control of their assets. It binds operations to the entire business when the right data flows both ways and is credible. OT Analytics Gateways simplify and democratise data, bridging OT and IT.



Digital Solutions rely on trusted data. The data should be well defined and reliable. Technology should be used to meet the demands of both organising and setting data constructs and allow easy access on demand. On demand historical data is made possible by high performance industrial databases.

Highly functional data warehousing relies on tailored data structures that provide a foundation for managing and manipulating data in various applications and systems.Digital Solutions are purpose built to help organisations perform at their best. Digital Transformation is a challenge for everyone.


Digital Transformation
Interprise Information Solutions

Consulting & Delivery Partner

Consultants are rarely required for providing commodity services or supply. The consultant engagement is far more collaborative. Consulting services may include research, scoping, gap analysis, options analysis, system audits, condition assessments, technology assessments, conceptual design, roadmap development, developing design specifications, developing details requirements, and strategic advice.

If you already have the “how to” plan and execution methodologies are in place, then you may only need technical overwatch to get certainty about Delivery Performance. Delivery Partners complement and don’t need to replace other members of the collective, each party bringing their own expertise to the table.

“Coming from a non-technical background I don’t always understand the how, but I do understand results: Parasyn are definitely results driven and customer oriented.”


Engineering Services
& Lifecycle Management

Professional Services embraces sound engineering management practices that consider the end game, the maintainability, the management of artefacts, and the upgrade and uplift paths as technologies mature. It considers the safety of the people and the performance of assets.

Engineering Services provide flexibility and access to the right people at the right time without the constraints of turnkey projects. Ideally the Lifecycle Management approach sets in place a governance framework to improve the sustainability of engineered solutions. In high-tech ecosystems this is an ongoing challenge as the road ahead can change without warning.

Information System Infrastructure
Independent at your Service

Turnkey Projects

Industrial Automation, Control Systems, SCADA Systems,OT Analytics Technologies, and Integrated Data Systems delivered via formal commercial arrangements need to set the boundaries on scope, including quality and timing. When good engineering practice has been applied, future augmentation opportunities are viable because knowledge and data have been captured and retained by the asset owners.

Systems Engineering practices create certainty for quality and timing particularly when there is innovation risk to be managed. Tracking requirements, capturing stakeholders needs, and making sure good artefacts are produced to support the system, all contribute to the quality and reduce the chances of timeframe blowouts.

I would highly recommend Parasyn, completed the project above and beyond expectations. [Parasyn] added considerable value by recommending best practice.