Advanced Process Control Solutions


City West Water – Plant Energy Costs down

A load shedding control system will continuously monitor the supply from the electricity utility. Monitoring will detect any abnormal conditions on the power supply. On detection of an abnormal condition or demand response from the utility, load shedding will occur. Load shedding strategies include turning off selected equipment and/or transitioning equipment to onsite power generators. In additio  Read more

City West Water – Recycle Plant Operational Improvements

“Since 2015, City West Water has been treating wastewater from its Altona Sewage Treatment Plant to supply high-quality recycled water to local customers for irrigating golf courses, green spaces, and for industrial use. Recycled water is a key factor in managing Australia’s water security requirements and a range of technologies are being utilised to reduce salt content, remove pathogens and  Read more

City West Water – Plant Optimisation & saving money

Most plants are not optimised for power or process efficiency and are designed and manufactured to meet a standard and operated to meet compliance. OEM providers and Infrastructure providers usually only make minor changes to plant during defects liability. For this reason, new plants do not appear to have optimisation of the aeration and other stages of the plant. In conjunction with City West  Read more