Parasyn solutions range from small-scale boutique applications through to major SCADA process automation systems with enterprise integration. This could include the development of specialised drivers and enhancements to vendor’s off-the-shelf products to complete the full enterprise solution. Whatever the size of requirement or problem to be solved we will take a systematic approach to managing the requirements. Part of this approach may include assessing the impact of the requirements on the enterprise, understanding what innovation may be required to achieve particular outcomes, defining what steps need to be accomplished to improve operational performance, and highlighting what process intelligence information is required to increase production.

Supporting major critical infrastructure companies, Parasyn customers operate water, gas, power and transportation assets using a blend of SCADA, Control System and Enterprise Information System technologies. Advanced applications include predictive analytics and model predictive control technologies. Sustainable low cost production and efficient asset operation is possible with today’s technologies, and the need to get this right the first time doesn’t have to cost you more; it just requires some clever thinking. With the right process information, asset operators can make critical decisions that will yield long term paybacks. There is no “quick fix” or shortcut to operating assets efficiently. You need good information at the fingertips of knowledge workers to stay on top of maintenance strategies, unexpected production requirements and emergency support requirements.

Solutions Industry

Solution’s Space

  • SCADA systems
  • Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)
  • Treatment Plant Control Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Technology upgrades
  • Instrumentation & Electrical (I&E) Design & Field Services
  • Hardware and Software procurement
  • High Availability (HA) Operational Management Systems
  • Control & Telemetry Panel fabrication
  • SWIMs or Regulatory compliance reporting
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Integration
  • Predictive Analytics & Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

What We Do

Fully functioning enterprise automation systems are made up of several elements.

See our video that explains the components in an automation system.

Enterprise Applications - What We Do - Man at computer screens

Enterprise Applications

Designing systems with the entire enterprise in mind ensures that the solution has interoperability with other business applications. Our aim is to “land” the right data in the right place, packaged to conform with standards.

Solutions Information Systems - Technology

Information Systems

ICT infrastructure and Tools designed to host information and raw asset data.

SCADA & Control Systems - What We Do - IPAD Screen SCADA with hand

SCADA & Control Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is the fundamental operational software tool for managing control system assets. PLCs & RTUs are used to control critical assets and report operational status which help improve performance. A well designed Human Machine Interface makes viewing, understanding and interpreting your data a breeze. A design which includes situational awareness is said to increase operator performance by as much as 30%.

Hardware & Devices - What We Do - Person pushing buttons

Hardware & Devices

IT Networks, Communications Systems, Electrical Interfaces and Control Cabinets. We design systems, configure and supply telecommunications equipment and cabinets including PLCs, RTUs and instrumentation.

Enterprise Information Systems

Optimised management of SCADA & Automation Systems means tight integration with the enterprise business infrastructure. Parasyn presents the platform to bridge the controls system to the business.

Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis

Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis - 0's and 1's

Governments and regulatory bodies have been steadily increasing their demand for more accurate, validated and timely data. Organisation Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis requirements have therefore naturally become increasingly important as deregulation and privatisation takes a hold across the globe. Managing assets holistically according to how the business manages the asset and not how the operations group repairs and maintains the asset, no longer needs to be mutually exclusive. Technology now delivers high speed data acquisition, abstracted data structures which fit your asset model, mega storage, caching of enterprise KPI and performance management information. This means that at all levels of the organisation the appropriate information is presented for users. This no longer means different systems for different work groups. Those days are over.

Centralised Management of Substation IEDs – NERC CIP

Centalised Management of Substation IEDs-NERC CIP - Windturbine

Centralised management of substation IEDs offers significant benefits in terms of secure access to devices, engineering configuration management for proprietary devices, automated fault record management and enterprise information connectivity. This Unified Substation Intelligence philosophy is designed to free utilities from locked into vendor specific or proprietary IED technologies and instead offer solutions that provide true, multi-vendor, multi-function and vendor agnostic interoperability. When assets are uniformly managed, anomalies become glaringly obvious. Suddenly what seemed ok before is no longer acceptable. This occurs because operational inconsistencies become easier to “see”. Better management of assets starts with accurate information,managed by asset class. Even more important however is that this Unified Grid Intelligence solution enhances the security and data integration capabilities of the utilities install base of IEDs. This allows utilities to maximize the ROI of their IED investments by deferring need for costly IED updates and even more costly IED replacements.