Parasyn has provided digital solutions to critical infrastructure customers all over Australia for 20+ years. This experience not only of technology implementation, but also how these businesses operate was of great benefit in the Urban Utilities Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) project which has just earnt Parasyn a 2021 Australian Business Award for Digital Transformation. 

Parasyn wins 2021 ABA digital transformation

Parasyn views Digital Transformation of a business as one of the most important journeys an organisation can take. It requires their digital partner to be consultative by nature with a holistic understanding of change management and what the business drivers are to ensure eventual buy in from all users of the new technology.  

The highest cost to all critical infrastructure businesses is the management of their assets. One of the key outcomes of the IDP project at Urban Utilities was to provide Urban Utilities with a “central point of truth” for their asset operational data. This will provide an enormous benefit to Urban Utilities on how and where they spend their Asset Management budgets over the years ahead.  

Another important outcome is the IDP project has delivered Urban Utilities with a strong foundational platform to further transform their business digitally for many years ahead. The IDP will provide crucial information to allow other technologies using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide even more long-lasting Asset Management outcomes.   

Parasyn creating trusted data

From a Parasyn perspective the project’s success and adoption is not just due to the beforementioned approach or our experience. The success is also due to Urban Utilities strong vision of their digital roadmap, where the IDP fits into that roadmap, and a keen understanding that they needed to provide the right people at the right time. Parasyn wants to acknowledge this as it was a critical factor in the success of this project, and we share this award with Urban Utilities.