Parasyn has been delivering digital solutions to critical infrastructure customers for over 20 years. This extensive experience working in industry and a focus on resolving the challenges with project delivery for complex technologies, has led to a unique method of working with customers.

The software systems they have built to help support how the customer experience is managed helps everyone inside Parasyn stay aligned. As customers have shared insights into their unique business challenges, Parasyn has been able to quickly improve how they help customers solve their OT challenges and ultimately achieve their longer-term goals.

Australian Business Awards Customer Experience Management approved Logo for Parasyn.

Parasyn views Quality as an overwhelming challenge for most software solution providers. This is particularly challenging for industries where systems are loosely regulated outside of the design phase. The ease of using advanced software to work around problems in the short term often lends itself to “hack” solutions that may work in the moment but can lead to terrible operational outcomes. What is required is solid methodologies that bring the right people together to better consider the risks and the impacts of different pathways.

There are a number of critical factors that help to make this work. Having access to Subject Matter Experts is a key element. The challenge with having SMEs always working for one customer is their cost, their availability, and they get bored doing the same thing! Experts need to always be learning new things and be exposed to new challenges. This is what makes them experts. To solve this problem Parasyn schedules all SMEs for specific assignments, and these are optimised for the customer’ short and long term goals. This initiative is balanced against Parasyn’ s desire to have all staff continue to lift their competencies.

Customers are not always aware of what needs to happen next and certainly don’t know the status of all things if information, good and bad, is not shared with them. To solve this problem, delivery managers stay abreast of customer needs, risks, financial expectations, who is doing what next and when, and ensures everyone is talking. The value of this daily cadence cannot be underestimated however, to achieve it is more than cliché words in a “mission statement”.

our brand promise

After introducing a formal process of strategic planning to steer the company’s direction, the Brand Promise emerged as the cornerstone of Parasyn’s future Customer Service strategy. After several years of research and trial and error, it has evolved into a set of interwoven commitments that Parasyn openly pledges to its customers. Parasyn believes that by demonstrating its unwavering dedication to the core principles of Planning, Responsiveness, and Delivery, customers will come to consider Parasyn as a trusted partner vital to the long-term success of their businesses. This commitment is encapsulated in their Brand Promise.