“Since 2015, City West Water has been treating wastewater from its Altona Sewage Treatment Plant to supply high-quality recycled water to local customers for irrigating golf courses, green spaces, and for industrial use. Recycled water is a key factor in managing Australia’s water security requirements and a range of technologies are being utilised to reduce salt content, remove pathogens and produce fit for purpose water.

The water from the Altona Sewage Treatment Plant is too saline for its intended use without further treatment, but City West Water has optimised its salt-reduction process to allow the water to be sustainably recycled and to enable a higher and more cost-effective return on water treatment processes.”


The Challenge

The Altona Salt Reduction Plant has a Lime Dosing system. The lime system is used to dose pre-batched lime milk into the degasified water to increase the calcium concentration and the pH in the treated water. The primary goal is for the batching sequences to achieve a pre-set lime milk concentration. The dosing sequences subsequently dose the pre-batched lime milk into the process fluid. The lime quality and associated dissolution rate impact the effectiveness of the dosing.

GWW Altona Recycle Plant

The Solution

Parasyn worked closely with City West Water’s process team to implement an enhanced control sequence included updating the operational interface. Our controls specialists provided insight in how sequencing could be more adaptive to the specific process and then implement according to agreed standards, documentation and testing regime.

“I wanted to personally thank you for your excellent work delivering system integration for the new lime system. Despite some delays from our end, you did an exceptional job translating our control philosophy into reality”

Mohammad Helmy
Process and Technical Services Team Leader, Service Performance,
City West Water

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