In August 2021 Anglo and Parasyn renewed their OT Managed Service agreement so that Parasyn could continue to provide lifecycle management services for the technologies and act as the sites PCS engineering lead.

The role of the PCS engineer is to support operations, lead mine site control system  upgrades and advise, coordinate, and collaborate on any plant changes especially those that affect operations. This trusted advisor role allows Anglo operations to concentrate on operating and managing their assets, while Parasyn worries about operational technology reliability. Operational improvements are ongoing as both parties find ways to do things better.

The Anglo OT Managed Service Agreement is an example of how two organisations can collaborate and complement each other with a common goal to improve plant operation and maintain operational integrity by “cherry picking” the right party to take responsibility for particular activities. Over the previous decade and a half, Parasyn and Anglo have experienced staff changes which has resulted in little to no disruption to service quality. Having a team of engineers at Parasyn (not a customer assigned engineer or 2) committed to overall service delivery standards means there is a baseline capability that has grown and matured in time. New staff from Parasyn have rapidly learned the ropes from their own colleagues and created stability for new Anglo project engineers and operators as they routinely change.

Anglo underground mechanics

In late 2007, Parasyn were referred to Anglo Coal by Origin Energy where Parasyn were providing engineering services including turnkey project delivery.

The earliest scope with Anglo included data capture to support NGERs reporting, improvements to SCADA to publish the right information and enhancements to Telemetry to support trusted data capture.

Significant SCADA upgrades, Messaging service additions, updates to Control Systems for gas compressors and other plant including GOAF trailers, Vacuum plants, blowers, has led to a steady working relationship as plant and equipment has consistently performed safely.

Due to the early works for trusted data capture and technology implementation, in 2009 Parasyn was awarded the Zenith Awards Winner for Mining, Minerals and Exploration.

Model Predictive Control emulates plant operation