We all love to use new technology but … 

It is exciting to get data comms to an area previously out of radio range, or control a process not previously managed by closed loop control, implement area wide controls to optimise how an IoT System works or provide enterprise information to improve how assets operate to save costs or improve maintenance. When it’s not the big end of town, sometimes we have to be very flexible working out where the starting point and end points really are. Working closely with customers to develop requirements and making sure those requirements are going to produce positive business outcomes that service the community well is what our senior consultants do best. When we are required to cover a number of domains like SCADA Systems, Telemetry, IT Infrastructure and Advanced Process Control it demands collaboration and sharing the solution with other subject matter experts. Sharing just the right amount of information also takes some practice and helps customers who don’t do this every day be empowered to make informed decisions without having to learn a whole new engineering discipline.
Mobile Data flavours
The role of a trusted partner sometimes includes helping the asset manager or asset owner to prepare documentation in preparation for tender.

Recently Parasyn was invited to help DPI NSW to improve one of their remote irrigation projects by providing advice about how they could better manage their water assets.

As a trusted partner we offered advice as we reviewed tender pricing and related information. Subsequent to this review we developed a scope of work that DPI could go to market with confidence.

The purpose of our assignment was to shape the scope of works to help DPI be effective in managing what was to be delivered and reducing the risk of cost blowouts via scope creep.

To deliver our requirements, we followed our standard practice including anticipating typical responses based on our experience as a consultant, electrical contractor and Systems Integrator.

Commercial and delivery practice aside, in this specific case, our technical input was leveraged in the domain areas of data communications and control systems, and more broadly understanding and coordinating the integration of several contractors chosen to deliver their disparate technologies. We were able to take a higher-level systems approach and pull this back to a cohesive set of equipment and engineering specifications that saves DPI money and integrates both the Stock and Domestic (S&D) and Regulator sites into a single more practical overall solution.