Start with an idea

Maybe you are just getting started with an idea. Perhaps you need some help to shape or develop your requirements, prepare a business case or deepen your justification for the next stage of operational improvements. Maybe you have a solid concept and need someone to map out how to get a proof of concept or even the real project delivered.

Particularly now with new technologies, digital transformation and the convergence of IT and OT being promoted with promises of the golden goose, it is important to take a pragmatic hands-on approach to deploying new technologies. Just because we use new technology, we should not have to take steps backwards in terms of how we plan, how we transition, how we measure performance and how we share the outcomes with stakeholders. The new technology itself will not ensure better outcomes.

….very happy with Parasyn’s work, our staff are asking the right questions


….Parasyn had previously performed works at specific sites. This work was considered of a high quality with excellent documentation and effective ownership/accountability. It therefore made sense to continue utilising these services instead of re-inventing the wheel so to speak.


Consider how fast you can move

We must be agile in today’s fast paced environment in terms of assessing new technology and its suitability for application. This is truer today than ever before. We cannot afford to deliver new technologies at a pace where what is being deployed is already out of date by the time we turn on the power. Thus, OT and IT must merge in terms of lifecycle management and staying up to date. Neither is more important than the other in terms of speed. Both are essential. Both IT and OT management is an enabler for the transformation of a business.

Operation experience trumps

Our consultants have operational experience, project experience and are prepared to host workshops and provide guidance on the approach to technology selection and technology deployment.

Our consultants audit systems and investigate performance challenges to understand, assess and make recommendations about options to improve, make secure or even sit tight. There is no point in changing what is working if it is current technology and been applied with good practice.

Our consultants perform health checks for customers who simply want to know everything is ok and there is nothing to worry about.

….Parasyn did a great job…The overall success was underpinned by Parasyn’s good working knowledge of [our] site


….Parasyn is fantastic and a pleasure to work with and there is nothing I would suggest changing.
[Parasyn] are very accommodating


Be cautious not adverse about new tech

When applying new technologies, you may become a market leader. Though that may be exciting, and fun filled, there is some risk attached to how someone goes about getting this all done without embarrassment.

Being clear about how success is measured is imperative. Being clear about the interoperability of systems is a common and mostly overlooked fundamental. As a market leader or market follower doing something a little bit different than others means a cookie cutter approach to putting things together may not cut it. We recommend that the system for delivering systems is as important as the selection of the right vendor. If it was as easy as bolting it all together, then everyone would be doing it.

Finally, projects don’t only fail because of the technology. Too often it’s the tech kit that gets the blame. We advocate that a solid approach to delivery can short circuit things going off the rails and identify early in the project lifecycle where the constraints are likely to be. A good process uncovers where the constraints are and this leads to resolving technical roadblocks earlier in the project lifecycle when there is time to still get it right.

A good outcome could be to “stop” a proof of concept before you invest too much. Imagine working with a partner who measures their performance based on the customer’s experience, who is willing to say, “we need to stop now or change course”. Imagine working with a partner who says before you start, “here are the risks and how can we work together to solve this before the impact is significant”. That is what we do.

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