Irrigation Control Systems


Irrigation Management from the Cloud

Intelligent water management for irrigation is essential. If water regularly fell from a cloud there would be no need for it. But when each drop falls to the ground, this precious resource on the driest continent on earth must be utilised to its fullest. To do this we need plans to share it, technology to monitor it, and guidelines so that everyone can enjoy its benefits. http://jemalongirrigat  Read more

Better control for regional NSW water irrigation

We all love to use new technology but ...  It is exciting to get data comms to an area previously out of radio range, or control a process not previously managed by closed loop control, implement area wide controls to optimise how an IoT System works or provide enterprise information to improve how assets operate to save costs or improve maintenance. When it’s not the big end of town, s  Read more

NSW DPIE Floodplain Capacity Management

Floodplain harvesting is the capture and use of water flowing across a floodplain. This is an important source of water for industry in rural areas of NSW. Floodplain harvesting is the last substantial capture of water to be licensed in a particular basin with an aim for “fair use” of this critical and politically sensitive resource. Parasyn was selected by the Department of Planning, Indus  Read more