Need Design Help?

Usually when you need help with design, you already have half a clue about what the requirements are. At the very least, you have a good concept and have shaped what is required to achieve a needed outcome. Step one of design is to review or develop the requirements. We do that. Perhaps you need someone to complement your team or you need a team to deliver a turnkey solution or project outcome. We can shape the project, define and it deliver it, or work inside your predefined set of requirements, standards and guidelines.

“Parasyn projects are delivered well due to a strict adherence to their own internal standards which ensure long term support is facilitated ensuring client’s needs are documented and agreed prior to the delivery phase.”


“Dealing with Parasyn is always such a breeze and no hassle”


Engineering Plans mitigate risk

For delivering Critical Infrastructure solutions, these are some of the systems engineering management plans which are common practice:
• Project Management Plan
• Design Management Plan
• Safety in Design
• Human Factors Engineering Plan
• Change Management Plan
• Configuration Management Plan
• Installation & Transition Management

These engineering plans may not be necessary for screwing a wire into a terminal. Of course! These engineering plans will always be necessary for refineries, nuclear, transport and other safety related applications. But there is an in-between void. The way systems engineering is applied is challenging for engineers and project managers when the scope is moderate, the system is not as critical as the examples shown above, or engineers are working alone. The team structure and the process of how technology is applied should not be an influencing factor for success, but it is.

Keep it simple – not all plans for all occasions

A Systems Engineering approach is not reserved for large systems or big budgets. A Systems Engineering “system of documents” can be used for any sized design if it has been developed for scalability. For example, if Safety in Design is not required, do I have to redevelop all the plans to be able to deliver a project? Our experience is that most organisations in the Industrial Automation industry do not have a Systems Engineering approach to delivery and rely on what exists or what is specified by the customer to guide the outcomes and flow of project delivery. The risk is that the vendor/supplier is not accustomed to the management practice required by the organisation and is more particularly focussed on the technology. Important factors such as transitioning, risk mitigation, configuration management and in particular the people factor, are left out in the cold.

“Parasyn are easy to contact and understood our needs,

also I like the way Parasyn develop an idea which requires little input by me but returns the result I require.”


“Parasyn is fantastic and a pleasure to work with and there is nothing I would suggest changing.”


Design is not for everyone, and most implement existing designs

If you are unsure on the most appropriate approach and are still working out risk, implementation strategies or transition challenges, we would be happy to share our thoughts on how to proceed. We are confident starting with ideas or going straight to systems engineering planning and detailed design.  If you have gone to the trouble of reading this and synergise with these concepts, we offer to be a sounding board for your early start-up project ideas, no strings attached. How we talk about this, is a free sample of how we deliver systems.

While we are getting back to you, take a look at our latest news which includes a snap shot of just a few of our projects.