Parasyn listened to our problems, were attentive to our needs; we felt Parasyn were the right size for our organisation and intended to work with us in a collaborative way.


Parasyn had previously performed works at specific sites. This work was considered of a high quality with excellent documentation and effective ownership/accountability. It therefore made sense to continue utilising these services instead of re-inventing the wheel so to speak.


I have always been confident that advice from PARASYN, particularly David Greally and Tony Poole, is honest and straightforward. I have never felt that my company was being taken advantage of in any way.


Parasyn projects are delivered well due to a strict adherence to their own internal standards which ensure long term support is facilitated and ensuring clients needs are documented and agreed prior to the delivery phase.


I would recommend Parasyn on the basis that in the area of telemetry systems, the staff have a high level of knowledge and experience and the project was delivered in a professional manner.


Flexibility, being able to adjust schedule and plans to meet changing needs. System changes have been programmed to best meet the needs of operations and engineering. Our organisation has benefited from PARASYN’s detailed product knowledge, assistance in fault finding and their Professional project approach.