ThingWorx Partner

First it was Industrial Automation, then Big Data, and now it’s IoT. So, what has changed? We now have a myriad of smart connected devices (SCDs) including traditional Industrial Automation products. New devices (not traditional Industrial Automation devices) have embedded software to make them “look smart”. By themselves, the device is similar to many instruments that have been here for decades. The true value of connecting SCDs into a system, is leveraging the knowledge of the network coupled with data and context about operations, customers and the alignment of the planets. None of this comes from the device, the value add comes from the system and the applications “sitting on” the IoT infrastructure. What is new to IoT infrastructure? Not a lot, but a few new devices and one or two new protocols amidst thousands. Why the big deal? As we connect new devices we need applications to get more value from the assets, not to mention in many cases how the data is captured and sampled will need to be defined so that this desire for more data doesn’t break the bank, as the Telcos enjoy the proceeds of early adopter mistakes.

Here we feature the world leading IOT platform from PTC. This application platform is ThingWorx. ThingWorx provides a web environment and single view into enterprise assets no matter where they are. Any instrument/device and any desktop or smart device without the need for bespoke web customisations. This means IoT connectivity and visibility is in place out of the box and the focus for deployment is your unique business customisation. ThingWorx includes Predictive Analytics, Utilities for workflow, Augmented Reality with 3D visualisation.

World leader in IIoT technologies

See below a short video that combines SCADA, analytics, AR and predictive analytics in such a way that you will catch a glimpse that how we manage critical infrastructure and devices with software, is all changing right now. Imagine a world where 99.9% of failures never occur, because we see them before they are supposed to occur. If you can imagine this, then you can image a world without an alarm list with flashing colours and confused operators. Be sure to contact us about how you want to change your world with better systems.

Model Predictive Control emulates plant operation