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Subnet Solutions – Substation Explorer, IEDs, and Protocol Servers/Gateways

SUBNET products make substations and remote network devices more intelligent through unified grid intelligence solutions. Thousands of substations use SUBNET software products to make them enterprise aware, individually “smarter” and securely and centrally managed. This ticks the box for simple to manage and compliant for NERC CIP and other emerging standards.


Power System Cyber Security Solutions

Centralised management of substation IEDs offers significant benefits in terms of secure access to devices, engineering configuration management for proprietary devices, automated fault record management and enterprise information connectivity. This Unified Substation Intelligence philosophy is designed to free utilities from locked into vendor specific or proprietary IED technologies and instead  Read more

Power System Center and Power System Server

With PowerSYSTEM Center utilities are able to securely and centrally manage their large install base of many different intelligent electronic devices (meters, relays, RTUs, etc) deployed throughout their entire system.  Read more