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SCADA Systems, PLC & RTU Solutions

SCADA means Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA software systems are essential to operate most industrial, critical infrastructure and manufacturing organisation’s assets. SCADA, PLC and RTU solutions are often complex in nature and for large-scale projects include a variety of equipment in geographically disperse locations.  Read more

Substation Automation SCADA for the Military

With today’s urgent and necessary focus on security and integrity, it doesn’t change the fundamental assumption that the technology still needs to be reliable and work! As part of a major development for the Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera, the successful Construction Contractor John Holland tendered to a number of Electrical Contractors for the Supply and Implementation of an upgraded HV Sy  Read more

SCADA Systems

In its most basic form a SCADA System may consist of (1) SCADA software (HMI) (2) some form of communications medium and (3) a device or instrument which communicates back to the SCADA software (Host). The method of communicating between the device the SCADA Software or Host is commonly referred to the network protocol. The industrial network protocol usually makes use of TCP/IP for modern systems  Read more

Changing infrastructure components on critical safety systems is not plug and play.

Many technologists are surprised that systems only planned to be in service for 5-7 years are still in operation 15-20 years on. This is a testament that discrete manufacturing has improved and technology vendors of industrial hardware and industrial software solutions have been highly responsible in terms of protecting their customer’s investments in their products and the support systems aroun  Read more