Software Products

Parasyn middleware software solutions ‘glue’ SCADA to Control System devices. Our middleware has been developed to complement partners core product offerings.

In the Automation arena both stand-alone and middleware software solutions require the same significant commitment to quality, reliability and flexibility to meet changing and always evolving client needs.

Device Drivers

Citect Kingfisher Driver - Products

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Citect Kingfisher Driver

DNP3 Driver - Products

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DNP3 Driver

Enterprise Data Interfaces

Moving data from point A to point B should be effortless and seamless. Even today, products that fulfil every business requirement rarely exist, which means you sometimes still have to plug in disparate products to complete the system.

Enterprise Data Interfaces - Wonderware Historian Data Interface

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Wonderware Historian Data Interface

Enterprise Data Interfaces - eDNA Interface

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eDNA Interface

Hardware Products

Control Panels

For reliable asset management, the design and fabrication of control equipment cabinets is as important as the selection of the primary assets including PLCs, RTUs, communication devices and instrumentation.

If you have an existing MCC or panel design, we can build to your specifications and unique requirements. If you do not have a working design, we can develop the design including Hazardous Area compliance.

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Skid Packs - Hardware Products - Skid Pack product on site

Skid Packs

A range of SKID Packs are available which means monitoring facilities on the ground fast either with basic metering or flexible options. Any solution can be hosted, and any solution can be managed within your own SCADA system.

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