What products do you use?

We are often asked, what products do you use? To summarise, we use software and hardware products from most of the leading Industrial Automation companies, major ICT vendors, the two key cloud providers and bespoke IoT providers.

Which software or hardware to select is not always left to us to decide, however, specifically for advanced applications and enterprise class solutions the choices are fewer. To share our “resume” of everything we have ever touched would be counter productive. To share a list of “familiar with”, “experienced” or “expert” would also be subjective. Our recommendation is to discuss what we have experienced as what is fit for purpose based on the context of the specific requirements. This may present options or only one choice. Our recommendations may include an assesment of the risk attached with options available at that time or the risk attached with working with vendors to enhance their core product offering.

Historically the Industrial Automation industry has taken a conservative approach to rolling out new features and products. There are many reasons for this convervatism, however as enterpise system integration is now occuring with other platforms (IoT, data lakes, ERP, EAM) to support digital transformation initiatives, a whole of solution approach is prudent. A whole of solution approach usually requires vendor accountability and full collaboration from suppliers realising someone needs to be accountable for overall multi-vendor integration and overall system performance and sustainability.

For our solutions, we build IT Networks, Communications Systems, Electrical Interfaces and Control Cabinets. We recommend, configure and supply Control Equipment including PLCs, RTUs and instrumentation. This enables devices, equipment and plant to have a “digital twin”.


Why is partnering so important?

Through repetition and practice, excellent service providers have adopted or developed techniques and approaches to successfully deliver solutions. Success is no accident. Vendors often provide the bulk of the technology. Certified and trained partners generally bring the domain experience and the rigor required to deliver project delivery excellence. This melting pot of organisations implies different types of relationships.

Paramount to successful business outcomes is an engagement model that secures and binds the entire supply chain. Acting in unison, Parasyn coordinates with selected partners to bring an orchestrated solution.  Our partners are international and local.

How do you work with Vendors on a client’s behalf?

A change of guard with the vendor or constant restructuring can cause havoc. Just when you work out who to speak with, to solve a problem, they aren’t there any more or their job title has changed due to a merger or acquisition. When your edge relies on intimate technical support from individuals who work for vendors it is very uncomfortable when you no longer appear as knowledgeable and technically astute as you used to be, when your key contact disappears.

Even though the obvious solution is to learn everything there is to know about a particular product, vertical or range of components, technology is forever updating, and no-one ever thinks to call you when something changes or a new product feature is released! So, what is the fix? The simple fix is having working relationships at both the technical level and corporate level of organisations. Staying in touch and working together regularly supports and encourages a better than nothing strategy, however, structuring and measuring how organisations communicate ensures there is predictability no matter who moves on and what the subject matter of the moment happens to be. If both parties are vested in it working, it’s like a marriage. If either party wavers it doesn’t matter which one it is, the information will be sporadic and the joint effort outcome will be compromised. The moral of the story is to have a plan, share and review that plan regularly and spend quality time together. This gives meaning to working through hiccups and challenges that surface all the time!

OEM Partner: “I would Highly Recommend Parasyn, completed the project above and beyond expectations. [Parasyn] added considerable value by recommending best practice. We are likely to introduce this at other plants”.


The right team

It isn’t always about who sits inside your office on any given day. Our technology partners, and other strategic alliances bring to the table complementary skills that broaden our capability and deepen our resource pool of technology and people. With our carefully selected Partners by our side, our capability to deliver expands geographically and our depth of experience is strengthened. Our chosen vendors also “bolt in” to structured projects in such a way that the best of integration services and product excellence is morphed into a winning solution.

Here are links to some of our partners that you might find interesting. They provide specialist products or platforms which Parasyn use to deliver end to end turnkey solutions. These applications include SCADA Software, Time Series Historians, IoT Platforms, Advanced Process Control, and Predictive Analytic’s Solutions.

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World leader in IIoT technologies
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Assessment of Technology

To ensure you’re getting the best and not just bleeding-edge, Parasyn utilises technology that is open, off the shelf and proven worldwide. This technology must continue to lead the industry and transform business in readiness for the next generation. At any given time, we are usually trialing 3-4 different software platforms.

We take a comprehensive approach to meeting key business objectives with industrial automation and information systems solutions. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and consulting business.

IT/OT Convergence

Control Systems and Advanced Process Control Solutions are the bricks and mortar of industrial automation. Enabling enterprise technology platforms (not traditional industrial automation software) which include advanced analytics and integraded data platforms are revolutionising the total product life cycle of products, plant, process and digital transformation intitiatives. These technologies no longer come from traditional Industrial Automation vendors. IT solutions are revolutionising what has traditionally only been Operational Technologies (OT). The convergence of IT and OT is about understanding the product interfaces under the upbrella of one management practice. This translates to a method of reliability deploying IT and OT technologies without the silos of where product is supplied.

Software Products

Parasyn middleware software solutions ‘glue’ SCADA to Control System devices. Our inhouse software interfaces have been developed to complement our partner’s core product offerings.

In the Industrial Automation arena, both stand-alone and middleware software solutions require the same significant commitment to quality, reliability and flexibility to meet changing and always

Device Drivers

Citect Kingfisher Driver - Products

Find out more about the

Citect Kingfisher Driver

DNP3 Driver - Products

Find out more about the

DNP3 Driver

Enterprise Data Interfaces

Moving data from point A to point B should be effortless and seamless. Even today, products that fulfil every business requirement rarely exist, which means you sometimes still have to plug in disparate products to complete the system.

Enterprise Data Interfaces - Wonderware Historian Data Interface

Find out more about the

Wonderware Historian Data Interface

Enterprise Data Interfaces - eDNA Interface

Find out more about the

eDNA Interface

Hardware Products

Products - Generic Parts in Panel

Control Panels

For reliable asset management, the design and fabrication of control equipment cabinets is as important as the selection of the primary assets including PLCs, RTUs, communication devices and instrumentation.

If you have an existing MCC or panel design, we can build to your specifications and unique requirements. If you do not have a working design, we can develop the design including Hazardous Area compliance.

Download the brochure to find out more about Control Panels