Process Control Engineering

Control engineering or Control Systems engineering encompasses many engineering disciplines. An engineer may specifically study control system theories, automation or robotics, however the summary of it is, to be a successful control systems engineering company or controls systems engineer you need to understand more than one discipline. There is a requirement to know about industrial automation, electrical design, electronics, mechanical or mechatronics, computer science, and process or physics.

It is common for a control systems engineer to start out their career specialising in just one discipline. To be truly effective thought, they need to rapidly develop an appreciation for other disciplines, if not all of these other areas. It may appear from this description that a control systems engineer is general in nature, a “jack of all trades” and from a high-level critical design perspective this remains true. However, with the amount of interfacing to other systems and areas of discipline, to know about just one of these disciplines makes it increasingly difficult for a single engineer to efficiently know sufficient to be effective. On top of this, systems engineers need to ensure a holistic, engineering approach to the design, development and deployment of a project to ensure effective engineering practice and a safe application of design and technology. This requires project management skills that even the best engineers may not possess.

Good Industrial Automation company’s usually blend individual subject matter experts into a team to ensure the required capabilities to meet this challenge exists, with knowledge about all these different disciplines rapidly transferred throughout the team. This is why it is so hard for free-lance control system engineers to exist unless they specialise in very specific technology verticals and areas of focus and collaborate with other SMEs.  This blended or project delivery model approach ensures each role plays its vital part in the process control engineering eco-system.

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