Predictive, Prescribed and Preventative Maintenance

The primary purpose of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is to enable more convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance and to prevent unexpected equipment failures. Knowing that up to 30% of failures occur after planned maintenance, how can you be confident that reinstating a machine or device is safe or improving efficiency? By using machine learning and comparing good signatures with after maintenance performance! With high degrees of confidence asset owners and operators can be extremely sure that going back online means reduced downtime and that they can sleep at night.

By creating and then intelligently processing empirical information about asset data performance, there are savings in terms of stock holding, resource planning, people, a reduced risk profile, capital deferment and operational cost reduction. There are many other benefits to shifting from planned/calendar based maintenance.

See an example of the leading Critical Infrastructure application by Aspentech or the enterprise platform powered by PTC ThingWorx that allows customised IoT solutions for any device, anywhere.



EAM Solutions

Governments and regulatory bodies have been steadily increasing their demand for more accurate, validated and timely data. Organisation Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis requirements have therefore naturally become increasingly important as deregulation and privatisation takes a hold across the globe. Managing assets holistically according to how the business manages the asset and not how the  Read more

Asian Water Authority gets clever about Asset Optimisation

3RD PARTY ASSET MANAGERS SEE THE VALUE OF DATA ACCESS AUTOMATION Timatch Resources (licensee) operate 5 treatment plants in Malaysia. Each of the five plants use Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian as the process data repository. Three of the plants have instances of IBM Maximo and provide system access to the other two remote plants so that all 5 plants are asset management alive. Parasyn was  Read more

The Importance of Predictive Maintenance Services and Predictive Analytics

We all rely upon many machines and equipment to deliver community infrastructure, transportation and the production of the essentials of life. If any of this essential equipment fails, then not only does that imply maintenance costs, but operators face operational downtime, which hurts the bottom line for their organisations. To ensure risk mitigation of any unforeseen problems with equipment d  Read more