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AGL Water Management for Gas

SCADA Integration of existing plant may seem routine when the project brief consists of 5 words, however good engineering practice, a systematic approach to managing requirements and the discipline to “stay the course” is what produces good results time and time again. As a member of the Control Systems engineering community, it’s embarrassing to admit that the industry approach to soft  Read more

Denison Gas selects Parasyn to help them become a significant domestic energy player

Denison Gas Limited and its affiliates is a gas exploration and production company focussed on supplying the east Australian domestic gas market. The project area is located within the Denison Trough portion of the greater Bowen Basin, an area that has to date produced over 320 PJ of gas.  Read more

Westside chooses private wireless RF System instead of public mobile data

The Meridian Seamgas field operated by Westside is approximately 50 Km long by 10 km wide. This gas field already has operational Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells with others planned for future expansion. Each operational well is monitored and controlled using an enterprise information system comprising of SCADA System software and RTUs. The RTUs connect to the HMI using a communications path that histor  Read more

Westside GLNG SIL2 Transfer Station

The Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas (GLNG) project is a pioneering venture set to produce natural gas from Queensland’s coal seams and convert it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) for sale to world markets for many years to come. It relies on ongoing gas field development in the Surat and Bowen Basins, a 420-kilometre gas transmission pipeline, and the construction of LNG plants on Curtis Island,  Read more