First it was Industrial Automation, then Big Data, and now its IoT. So, what has changed? We now have a myriad of smart connected devices (SCDs) including traditional Industrial Automation products. New devices (not traditional Industrial Automation devices) have embedded software to make them “look smart”. By themselves, the device is similar to many instruments that have been here for decades. The true value of connecting SCDs into a system, is leveraging the knowledge of the network coupled with data and context about operations, customers and the alignment of the planets. None of this comes from the device, the value add comes from the system and the applications “sitting on” the IoT infrastructure. What is new to IoT infrastructure? Not a lot, but a few new devices and one or two new protocols amidst thousands. Why the big deal? As we connect new devices we need applications to get more value from the assets, not to mention in many cases how the data is captured and sampled will need to be defined so that this desire for more data doesn’t break the bank, as the Telcos enjoy the proceeds of early adopter mistakes.

Aspentech Partner and Systems Integrator

Here we feature a mature Predictive Analytics application by Aspentech. This solution has been used many times around the world in many industries to predict failures before they occur. APM also moves operational data into enterprise applications seamlessly. Aspentech APM interfaces with the most common process historians on the device side and with Asset systems on the enterprise side. Work Order management, alerts, correlation analysis, machine learning, analytics are all built in.

  • See below a short video to give you an idea on how this works and be sure to contact us about how you want to change your operations with better systems.

EAM Solutions

Governments and regulatory bodies have been steadily increasing their demand for more accurate, validated and timely data. Organisation Compliance Reporting & Data Analysis requirements have therefore naturally become increasingly important as deregulation and privatisation takes a hold across the globe. Managing assets holistically according to how the business manages the asset and not how the o  Read more