Scada and Enterprise Information systems

SCADA and Automation Systems for people who need clean and timely Asset data

Where are you plugged in?

As systems collaborators, Parasyn plug•in to customer requirements to create solutions using the best technology in the industry. Coupled with a holistic design approach and a focus on key business drivers we work the plan and develop the design to meet specific operational & enterprise requirements. Parasyn solutions range from small-scale boutique applications through to major SCADA process automation systems with enterprise integration. This could include the development of specialised drivers and enhancements to vendor’s off-the-shelf products if that is required. Whatever the size of requirement or problem to be solved, the solutions are innovative, with outcomes to improve  operational performance, provide process intelligence and drive better business.


Parasyn invests significantly into the technology products they implement and in producing stand-alone and middleware software solutions. Middleware components “glue” multi-vendor products together and our middleware has been developed as niche complements to our vendor core products.
In the Automation arena both stand-alone and middleware software solutions require the same significant commitment to quality, reliability and flexibility to meet changing and evolving client needs.


Your success is our success, so we commit to life long total support.
We operate Service Level Agreements (SLA) specifically designed to meet operational performance targets or operate general arrangements that facilitate 24/7 contact with experienced engineers and programmers. This is not just a help desk, it’s a direct connection to problem resolution.


Whatever your needs or wants, Parasyn can help you plug your Automation project into whatever it needs to provide the outcomes that you require from it. Our passion is harnessing the best from the right people. We act responsively to all parties and are highly responsible for needs driven outcomes. We communicate regularly and are honest in our undertakings. We support strategic and conceptual thinking by focusing constantly on the objectives in our planning and day-to-day task execution. We continually develop our client and supplier relationships, with an emphasis on partnering. Our mission is to do as we promise – no surprises!